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Artist Support Grant Recipient Performance

Musician Bob Waters was the recipient of an Artist Support Grant from Dare County Arts Council in 2020. The premier performance of the musical documentary on the life and music of Stephen Foster, which was partially funded by a generous Artist Support Grant from the Dare County Arts Council, is scheduled to occur THIS Friday, October 8th, 6 pm, at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Columbia, NC. It's the only event of the upcoming Scuppernong Festival happening on Friday. Bob Waters completed this musical documentary with the goal of giving the audience an entertaining, educational, and revealing glimpse into the life and musical genius of Stephen Collins Foster. Mr. Foster was this nation’s first professional composer, and is often referred to as the father of American music. His song, Oh! Susanna, was sung by people from all walks of life and was given worldwide distribution, thus creating the genre known as “Pop” music. Along with performing this piece and 14 more of his compositions on a variety of instruments, Bob intends to take the audience “backstage,” with hopes of helping them develop a greater understanding of how the events in this man’s life shaped and affected the content and the character of his music. Another performance is scheduled for November 14th, 3 pm, at historic Rehoboth Church in Roper, NC. Photo courtesy of Deborah Griffin.

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