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Artist Opportunity from Town Of Nags Head

Call for Proposals for new Dowdy Park from the Town of Nags Head. Deadline extended until May 22nd!

Are you an artist or part of an artistic team interested in a public exhibition opportunity in the heart of the Outer Banks Community? The Town of Nags Head and the Nags Head Committee for Arts and Culture, in Nags Head, NC, is seeking proposals from artists or artist teams interested in a public art opportunity at Dowdy Park, a community park located in the heart of Nags Head, NC. The selected artist/team will design, fabricate, and install a permanent work of art that will function as an entrance feature to the park.

Eligibility Artists and design professionals are invited to apply as individuals or as teams. Candidates should be willing and able to collaborate with Town staff and other design professionals as necessary. Public Art Goals The public art entrance will be the prominent feature welcoming visitors to the park. It will be located at the primary entrance to the park at the northwest corner of the site near the Bonnett Street/US 158 intersection (see attached plan sketch). There is no pre-defined concept for the entrance feature or specific limitation on the type of medium to be used. However, the committee would request that proposed design reflect the heritage of Nags Head and/or pay homage to the former Dowdy Amusement Park (see attached photos). There are two additional entrance features to be constructed in later phases; ideally all three entrance features would be tied together by design in some fashion. The proposed art piece shall be suitable for outdoor installation. The work of art must be a) capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions (high winds/130mph, salt tolerant, etc.); b) must withstand a high traffic environment; c) should take into consideration the safety of the audience; and d) artwork must be durable and require limited to no maintenance. Budget Total project budget, including materials, fabrication, installation and travel and expenses is anticipated to be $10,000. The Town will provide support if the selected piece requires a base for mounting and/or the need for structural design/engineering.

Selection Process and Criteria The Town of Nags Head Committee for Arts and Culture together with Town Staff will convene to make the artist/team selection and recommendation for award. The committee may use the following criteria to make its selection:

  • Artistic approach, overall design and installation capability as evidenced through representations of past work.

  • Previous professional experience.

  • Experience with projects of similar scale and scope, including a demonstrated ability to successfully collaborate with public agencies and work well with diverse community groups.

  • The ability of the artist to successfully work within the project timeline and budget.

The committee will review qualified applicants’ submitted materials and may also decide to compose a short-list of artists who will be invited to be interviewed. Upon selection of an artist/team and the art piece, the committee members along with the artist/team will present the proposal to the Town of Nags Head Board of Commissioners. The selected artist/team will then be issued a contract to commission the work of art. How to Submit To submit your proposal for consideration, please have your completed package delivered to the Nags Head Town Hall, Planning and Development Department prior to the submittal deadline (5 pm, May 8, 2017 - Extended to May 22, 2017). A complete submission shall include the information and materials described below.

  1. Completed application (see attached). Professional resume and information regarding your business/company.

  2. Statement of interest – describe on one page your interest in the project and understanding of the project goals. If you are a local artist or have a connection to Nags Head and/or the Outer Banks, please describe this relationship.

  3. Description and images of past work, achievements and accomplishments – artists/artist teams shall submit images of past work that are relevant to this project and any artistic achievements or accomplishments you would like to include.

To be considered, the Town must receive a complete package no later than 5 pm on May 22, 2017. Please submit one hard copy and one digital version, if possible, of your proposal to: Town of Nags Head Kelly Wyatt, Deputy Planning Director Nags Head Town Hall P.O. Box 99 (5401 S. Croatan Highway for ground delivery) Nags Head, NC 27959 Phone: 252-449-6042 Email:

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