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A Hatteras Island Group Show 

In August, our Courtroom Gallery will feature digital collages by Linda Meyer Browning, landscape paintings by Raphael Robinson and oil paintings by Rhonda Bates. 


The month-long exhibit will showcase these three Hatteras Island residents' journeys as artists. While the media, techniques and inspirations are unique to each artist, their passion for the natural world connects their work. 

Journeys will be on display August 6-28, 2021. 

DCAC Exhibition - Monarch Mosaic 3.jpg
DCAC Exhibition - Sun Catchers.jpg

Linda Meyer Browning

Linda weds the artistic world to the electronic age and delivers a unified body of work that pushes the boundaries of digital imagery.

She uses as many as 10,000 digital photos in a single collage.  No matter the number, she resizes, colors, rotates, skews, and adjusts the brightness and contrast of every element that you see, whether it’s a butterfly or a koi fish.  Each of her collages represents a lifetime of learning and hundreds of hours of time. A handful of tools in Photoshop enables Linda to alter the thousands of photos that she inserts into her compositions. 

Raphael Robinson

Raphael Robinson is a self-taught artist based in Frisco. He loves to travel for inspiration, subject matter and scenery. Some of Raphael's acrylic landscape paintings are done in 'plein-aire' on site, as viewed and others are created in his studio.


The work in this exhibition is based upon Raphael's recent "art sabbatical"- a seven week RV journey throughout the southwest United States. 

Hatteras Sunset.JPG

Rhonda Bates

Rhonda has been an artist all of her life. Her paintings over range from watercolors to pastels to her current oil canvases. Rhonda lives with her husband Wes and their three Chihuahua's on Hatteras Island, where she also owns Red Drum Pottery and Coffee in Frisco. Rhonda is a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art in downtown Washington DC.

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