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Anne Parsons Exhibit

Women Warriors - Past, Present, Future

In March, our Courtroom Gallery will feature Anne Parsons' photography exhibit Women Warriors - Past, Present, Future

The exhibit will call attention to women who made a difference, who are making a difference, and who will make a difference in their communities. Most of their stories are fueled by a desire to overcome adversity, discover cures for diseases, create art, break altitude records, and support educational reforms. Because photographs are the universal language of our era, they inform, educate, and stimulate audiences when they are presented in visual form.

Featuring images of 36 women, 12 of whom represent remarkable women who made history, 12 OBX women who are making a difference in this community, and 12 young women who currently show the potential to become ambassadors for important work in the community this is an exhibition you do not want to miss.  

Joan of Arc.jpeg

Show Dates + Artist Info

Women Warriors - Past, Present, Future will be on display March 5 - March 27, 2021.

Anne Parsons is a portrait photographer who ‘chases the light’.


"Because photography, for the most part, is all about light, I bend, diffuse, reflect, illuminate, shadow, and catch all the interactions of light to create the best portrait of my subject.  Yes, it is also important to engage with my subject, and capture their essence, through composition and expression, to create beautiful images with a timeless feel. But, without light to sculpt the image, that image will lack that fine art look."


"To me, what is most relevant is how personally compelling that image is to my subject. Does it capture a moment in time and tell a story? My greatest reward is when a viewer connects with an image emotionally—when they say they want to experience what they see and feel when they view my photographs." - Anne Parsons


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