Travis Fowler Exhibit


In September, our Courtroom Gallery will feature mixed media by Travis Fowler. The month-long exhibit will showcase Travis' ability to push the envelope while exploring cause and effect through his art.

Wayward is inspired by Travis' three year old son Taj. The work that will be exhibited is painted with pure impulse and no inhibitions, and is a collaboration between father and son. Together, Travis and Taj have created a body of work that demonstrates a light, loose, and fun approach to painting. 


Travis says, "Watching Taj paint inspired me to loosen up and have more fun with making art.  Taj starts each piece with an impulsively applied color field - colors of his choice.  Then, I continue to work on each piece to further build complexity and composition. Because this work is a collaborative effort with my son, 50% of the sales of this show will go directly to his college savings account."


Show Dates + Artist Info

Wayward will be on display September 3-25, 2021.

Travis Fowler is a graduate of ECU with a BFA in metal design. He currently resides in Kill Devil Hills, where he has lived and worked as an artist and maker since 2011. Fowler is a multidisciplinary artist and craftsman who has worked in various fields including metal-smithing, wood-working, sign-painting, surfboard shaping, and printmaking. He currently finds himself comfortably rooting his focus into painting. However, even his paintings are rarely just paintings. Often, Fowler’s work will include the use of metal leaf and resins on contoured objects or surfaces, giving his work a sculptural element.


Ultimately, Fowler finds excitement in exploring new materials and techniques. As a result, much of his work is experimental, and constantly evolving.  His most current work is focused around the love and joy of painting, parenting, and sharing the creative process with his 3 year old son.