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Tammy Goodrich Exhibit

Nothing Is Ordinary; Everything Is Beautiful

In July our Vault Gallery will feature original, small oil paintings by Tammy Goodrich. 


The paintings in this exhibition will capture ordinary, yet beautiful, moments in our natural surroundings. Full of lush color and vibrant light, the paintings will resonate with anyone that enjoys still life and local landscape.


Each piece, although unique to the artist's experiences, tells a story that hopefully will connect the maker and the viewer some small way. The artist shares this small collection of little moments in hopes that the viewer feels "yes, I feel myself right there."

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Tammy 1.jpg

Exhibition Dates + Artist Info

Nothing Is Ordinary; Everything Is Beautiful will be on display in the Vault Gallery July 5-27, 2024.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, July 5 from 6pm to 8pm, where visitors can meet Tammy and view her work.


The opening reception is during downtown Manteo's First Friday festivities and is free and open to the public.

Tammy Goodrich was born and resided in Wakefield, Virginia until 2017. She developed a passion for drawing in elementary school and was further encouraged by private lessons for several summers. In high school, she was fortunate to have classes with teachers that were well respected artists in the area. During her young adult life, Tammy fed her creativity with gardening, crafting, and knitting.  Years passed, and as her children grew up, Tammy again found herself drawn to art and specifically painting.  In 2012, she took an oil painting workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry, and her artistic spark was re-ignited.  Further workshops followed, as did her painting practice.  In 2017, Tammy and her husband retired and relocated to Kitty Hawk, and she began taking classes with local artist Brad Price, who remains a mentor to her today.


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