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Searchers Of New Horizons Exhibit

Presented by: First Colony Foundation, Elizabeth R. & Co. & National Park Service Outer Banks Group


What do The Lost Colony, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Algonquian Manteo, the Wright Brothers & Sister, Amelia Earhardt, General Billy Mitchell, General Chuck Yeager, and Francis Rogallo have in common? Visit the Searchers Of New Horizons exhibition to find out.


This exhibit celebrates the questors, inventors, dreamers, and pioneers whose paths included the Outer Banks. 


Internationally recognized curator, Alexandra Klingelhofer, brings the paintings by John White, engravings of Theodor Debry with text by Thomas Harriot on 16th-century English & Native American viewpoints, and artifacts and displays on each of the individuals spotlighted in the symposium together for this special exhibit.


Show Dates + More Info

The Searchers Of New Horizons exhibition is open to the public with on-site costumed docents providing information about the exhibition April 1-9, 2022.


On Thursday, March 31, the Searchers of New Horizons exhibition kicks off with a reception from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for OBX History Weekend Symposium attendees. Reservations for the Symposium can be made online here

This exhibit is just one part of an Outer Banks History Weekend Symposium.


The four-day Outer Banks History Weekend, Searchers of New Horizons, will host 23 presentations, specialized site tours, exhibits, living history episodes, and other entertainments happening from Wednesday, March 30 to Saturday, April 2.


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