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Grant Recipient Latrell Broughton To Debut His First Solo Exhibition In June

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Broughton was a recipient of an Artist Support Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council this spring. The grant was given in response to the pandemic to support professional and artistic development.

Broughton used the grant to expand and improve the creation of his artwork, specifically his photographic portraiture series New Geographies.

"I'm only in the position to present my first solo exhibition because I received the NC Artist Support Grant,” said Latrell Broughton. “It has not only given me the means to create a body of work in my community, but the confidence to hold my head high and forge new connections."

The exhibition will showcase Broughton’s portraits and landscape photography taken from around the world, as well as his signature animated speculative portraits.

“Worlds Near and Far is a collection of vibrant images I have taken while traveling around the world,” said Latrell Broughton. “Through stunning land, sea, and skyscapes, I encourage my audience to remember that, no matter how closed off or separated we may feel, there is a beautiful world out there that will welcome us. At the heart of this exhibition are speculative portraits that will come to life through the free augmented reality smartphone app Artivive. If you are an art lover, aspiring traveler, XR enthusiast, or just someone who dreams of faraway places, I am sure that there will be something here that speaks to you.”

Broughton will be at Dare County Arts Council’s Gallery on Friday, June 4 from 3pm to 5pm for an artist meet and greet.

Worlds Near and Far will be on display June 4-26, 2021.

For more information about the exhibition, click here or call 252 473 5558.

Dare County Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization dedicated to encouraging the arts in Dare County through advocacy, enrichment and opportunity.

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