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Annual Meeting Summary

On Wednesday, June 23, we hosted our Annual Membership Meeting at our DCAC Gallery in downtown Manteo.

During the meeting we recapped 2020-2021, discussed what is ahead for 2021-2022, and then enjoyed light hors d'oeuvres.

Our officers for 2021-22 are Richard Phillips (President), Gail Midgett (First Vice President), Ginny Flowers (Second Vice President), Dawn Enochs (Secretary) and Landon Price (Treasurer).

Our incoming board members (the class of 2024) are Trey Govan, James Melvin, Babs Mulford, Richard Phillips, Landon Price and Jane Webster.

DCAC's Volunteer of the Year is Gwen Taylor. Gwen was there for us all throughout the pandemic. She was the first one back after the lockdown and just kept coming back day after day, helping us with a million things. What a lifesaver!

DCAC's Business Supporter is Kitty Hawk Kites for their tremendous hospitality at this year's Rock The Cape event. Special thank you to John Harris and Ben Saltzman.

Kelley Grider is our Individual Supporter of the year. It's hard to fathom the kindness that Kelley has shown us over the past year. A special thank you to Kelley for making a very generous monetary contribution to DCAC in honor of Ravann Rachelle & Sebastian Antonio Lopez. Everyone loved Ravann and Sebi - the confidence that Kelley had in us to help coordinate their memorial mural at Dowdy Park was such a compliment.

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