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Group Mixed Media Exhibit

Contrary and Remote Things

In March and April, our Courtroom Gallery will feature mixed media, weaving, pastel, paper and photography by artists Robin Haller, Susan Fecho, Susan Harris, Maureen O’Neill, and Theresa Scott.

Contrary and Remote Things includes female artists whose work explores concepts of being related, yet distant in a manner. These five artists are committed to seeing and remembering individual reactions to an experience. The exhibition shares a selection of self-aware and multi-sensory works in nature – with the common goal to be seen and heard.

Fecho_Bi-disk  - Susan Fecho.jpg
Harris_IMG_0555 - Susan Fecho.jpg

Show Dates + Artist Info

Contrary and Remote Things will be on display March 3 through April 29, 2023 in the Courtroom Gallery.


There will be an opening reception on Friday, March 3 from 6pm to 8pm where visitors can meet the artists and see their work. Musicians Ed Tupper and Devin Frazier will be playing live jazz during the reception, which is free and open to the public

Robin Haller shares that her weavings’ patterning systems are “metaphors for time and memory.”


“Through my work the familiar reappears in unfamiliar configurations; a new sense of significance is imparted to an otherwise everyday object,” explains Susan Fecho.


Susan Harris states, “My work explores the beauty that exists in the ordinary items we encounter on a daily basis. I strive to create harmonious color – worlds and evoke architectural spaces. In these paintings, I worked to create worlds that appear to be seen from above.”


Maureen O’Neill says, “In my pastel works, each is connected to my experience of spaces; interiors with doorways, thresholds offering distant exits and suggestions of landscapes, windows with light, the color of darkened corners, spaces beyond spaces.”


Drawing from her life experiences, Theresa Scott uses narrative photography and traditional animation to highlight the struggles that individuals may face in a wide array of areas. “Reflecting on my military service, my images give others a look into a world unknown allowing for those who are often invisible to be seen.”

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