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Carol Willett's Sculpture Exhibit

Imaginary Creatures Run Amok

In August, Dare County Arts Council's vault will feature Carol Willett's solo exhibit titled "Imaginary Creatures Run Amok."

The month-long exhibit will showcase Carol's Imaginary Creatures, which are handmade sculptures.

​Imaginary Creatures Run Amok is a rollicking exploration of what happens when evolution takes a detour into the realm of outrageous puns and impudent wordplay.  Each Creature displays a unique personality, perspective, and philosophy on life. 


The antithesis of "anonymous art", these sculptures are eye-catching conversation pieces with a life and a back story all their own.  Each is unique and distinguishes its owner as an art aficionado of good taste and a lively sense of humor.

Ganga Roo.jpg

Show Dates + Artist Info

Imaginary Creatures Run Amok will be on display August 7 - 29, 2020.

Carol Willett transforms recyclable materials into Creatures of Imagination that amuse, delight, and invite you to reset your limits on the art of the possible.  Imagine a sexy snake as an exotic pole dancer, a Rhino dripping with Tiffany bling, and a Kangaroo promoting medicinal hemp and you get a Boa Con Stripper, a Rhinestonocerous and a GangaRoo. 


A self-taught sculptor, Carol is to whimsical art what the three-legged lady was to 19th century waltz king Johann Strauss - an innovative muse as well as a source of hilarity and insight.  Though she claims to be an amateur unnaturalist, she has a well-honed knack for conveying the spirit and intent of creatures never seen in a zoo, or diorama, much less our backyard. While most art is designed to draw your eye - Creatures of Imagination look right back at you with one slightly cocked eyebrow and invite you to enjoy the visual pun each represents.


Carol is a juried artist with multiple solo shows.  Her work may be found at the Dare County Arts Council in Manteo NC, the Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head NC, the Gallery of Fine Art in Wilmington NC and in her home gallery in Southern Shores (open by appointment).

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