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Russell Yerkes Exhibit

Finding My Way

In July, our Courtroom Gallery will feature Russell Yerkes' watercolor exhibit Finding My Way.

The collection in this exhibition will be a retrospect of Russell's paintings, showcasing the progression of his work throughout the years. Finding My Way will give viewers an insight on how Russell's work has evolved as he strives to create the "perfect painting".

Russell's award-winning watercolors take weeks to months to complete, and he is constantly pushing the envelope with imagery and the size of his paintings. He begins each painting the same way, painting from the foreground working towards the background. Each image evolves through the time spent in the process of applying layer upon layer of color, and utilizing patterns, texture, and shape. 


Show Dates + Artist Info

Finding My Way will be on display July 2-31, 2021.

Russell says, "I am constantly finding my way. If we don't challenge ourselves, we aren't learning. I began painting as a full time professional artist over 30 years ago, but I have been painting all my life, teaching myself through trial and error, and developing my own unique style and technique with watercolors. I am fortunate to be doing what I love, painting and selling art and my final product is a fun, clean, crisp, colorful image created with the use of transparent watercolors."

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