Ravann and Sebastian’s Lives Celebrated Through Art

Dare County Arts Council and the Town of Nags Head have partnered on a special mural at Dowdy Park to honor the lives of Ravann Horton and Sebastian (Sebi) Lopez who tragically passed away in a house fire in May.

The mural was painted on the peek-a-boo wall at Dowdy Park by local artists who donated their time to the project, including Fay Davis Edwards, AmyLynn McCabe, Dawn Gray Moraga, and Kayleigh Trott, as well as Ravann and Sebi’s family and close friends.

“AmyLynn, Kelley, and I created a list of ideas that represented Ravann and Sebi - their loves, their beliefs, and their connection to this community,” said artist Fay Davis Edwards. “From that list I created images for a mural that could be both universally appealing while also having specific meaning if you knew them. The goal was to create an uplifting and vibrant space to brighten up the world - much like Ravann and Sebi did when you were with them. I was incredibly honored to be a part of this project, and hope we have created something that will reflect the joy they brought to everyone.”

Every piece of the mural has a special meaning. For example, the music notes outlining the holes in the peek-a-boo wall represent always being able to see Ravann and Sebi through music, the waves represent their love of the beach, the Shel Silverstein quote is from their favorite book “The Giving Tree,” and the clasping hands represent unity.

“The mural celebrating Ravann and Sebi is a true representation of their lives, and the One Love that they shared for each other, their family and this place we call home,” said Ravann’s mother and Sebi’s grandmother Kelley Grider Horton. “We would love to thank all that were involved in making this beautiful tribute, especially the three main artists Fay Davis Edwards, AmyLynn McCabe and Dawn Gray Moraga. The literal sweat and tears that went into this project was selfless and full of passion, just as they were selfless in giving to this community. Let us all carry on their ways and continue to give to those in need and truly care for one another. Feel the music and let it flow through your acts of kindness. Honor their ways. Ni