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Poetry Contest Now Taking Entries

The Committee for the George S. Converse Poetry Contest will be accepting submissions between January 1 and March 31. Winners will be announced May 3, 2019.

Lieutenant Colonel Converse, who died May 2, served for 28 years in the Marine Corps and was the consummate warrior/poet. His riveting rhyming poems in Winds of the Compass Rose reminiscent of those of Robert W. Service, combine vivid descriptions of faraway lands with germane philosophical concepts.

The contest is open to everyone. The submission fee is $10.00 payable to George Converse Poetry Contest. The first prize is $150, the second prize is $75, and third prize is $25.The members of Albemarle Chapter of the NC Writer's Network are seeking sponsors for The George Converse Poetry Contest.

Each submission should include a 3x5 card with the author's name and the title of the work. A separate page should consist of the title and poem without identifying the author's name. The entire poem with title and poet’s names should be sent to The work is limited to 70 lines of poetry.

The judication panel will judge the work solely on merit. A $10 fee is required for processing.

The act of submission implies permission for a single use printing. The author retains all rights.

Please send each submission to:

George Converse Poetry Contest

303 W. Ocean Acres

Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

Make check payable to George Converse Poetry Contest.

And separate submission with the poet’s name and title for the online Journal publication to:

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