41st Annual Frank Stick Memorial Art Show Award Recipients Announced

Over a hundred people gathered at Dare County Arts Council on Saturday, January 26 for the 41st Frank Stick Memorial Art Show opening reception.

This year’s Frank Stick Show is dedicated to the late Glenn Eure recognizing his contributions to the arts on the Outer Banks and beyond.

Glenn’s wife Pat Eure, who is an author, poet, curator, archivist and gallery owner, carefully selected the following award recipients from 103 entries:

Eure Best In Show: James Melvin “The Glenn Eure Experience” (oil/collage)

Excellence Awards: Rick Tupper “Early Evening Fireflies” (acrylic), James Perry “Epic Sunrise” (mixed media), Mary Ann Remer “From The Mountains To The Sea 1” (hand-colored collograph), and Michael Halminski “Tribute in KC” (photography)

Honorable Mentions: Carolina Coto “Small Town Girl” (acrylic), Mike Bennett “Moon Bath” (acrylic), and Jim Bumpass “Large Urn” (turned wood)

People’s Choice Award: Taylor Williams “Sandy Wave” (oil)

“I think the entries in this year’s Frank Stick Show are extraordinary and it’s good to see such a variety of approaches,” said Pat Eure. “I used three criteria when judging the show. The first was originality- something conceived in the creative mind and explored in the chosen medium, so that the work invited me into its world, had meaning for me as an observer. The second was technical proficiency. And, of course, I tried to understand what Glenn Eure might see in the work. I hope that he was somewhere around when I was selecting the pieces, influencing me. I know, because he has actually done it in judging, Glenn Eure would have wanted a blue ribbon beside each piece in the show. He loved art and the artist in each of us- so in spirit each creation presented at this show is a winner. To the artists represented in this exhibition, I am sure he would say “Eure Great!”