Pushing The Color Workshop

What artist doesn’t wish to have time to paint without interruption? There are dozens of workshops out there to prove we crave that time away, we love having an instructor to keep us on track, and we can’t wait to learn new ways to create. Add in a dose of charm and a town with options for shopping, eating and down-time, and Adele Castillo has the perfect option for you.

The talented Adele Crowgey Castillo will be leading a workshop called Pushing the Color at DCAC in April. In this workshop, students will learn to use color regardless of whether their preferred palette is traditional or modern. With morning exercises exploring color families and more, followed by afternoons to apply those lessons, students will leave with more color knowledge and tools to use in your future art work.

You can look forward to:

  • Goal setting as a way to expedite your painting process

  • Exploring color choices and how to push yourself to a new level

  • Demonstrations to help get your days’ activity started