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News from Major and the Monbacks

Huge news from Major and the Monback's who will headline at the Grand Opening of Dowdy Park on Saturday, May 13 which includes our annual Artrageous Kids Art Festival.

Major And The Monbacks sign with Yep Roc Records, an influential record label based in Hillsborough, NC that's been releasing music for two decades.

A Note From The Band: I'm sitting in the van, with Savannah in the rear view mirror thinking what a long and strange ride it took to find Yep Roc records. It only took a couple trips up and down the coast and across the Mississippi as well as a few nights of crashing on your living room floors. But we really haven't even tapped the keg yet because we're currently heading down to SXSW in Austin, Texas with a cross-country tour planned for the summer (feel like you're right there with us by following our Spotify playlist of tunes we listen to on tour ) and a brand new song and new album Moonlight Anthems that we could not be more excited to share with you all. Get ready for the biggest Monbacular Spectacular yet!

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