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Group exhibit featuring work by Holly Overton, Dawn Gray Moraga and Jasmin Miller.

For the month of March, our Courtroom Gallery will showcase a group show of paintings and drawings by Jasmin Miller, Reddawn and Holly Overton which are an amalgamation of issues as seen through the lens of women artists.


Their works explore a spectrum of topics from mental health, social and political injustices, to climate change and consumerism.


While Miller’s charcoal and conte portrait series The First Decade reveals psychological highs and lows by way of self portraits and fellow portrait subjects, Reddawn’s Blue Dress series highlights women throughout history whose pain and empowerment left a great impact. Expanding on these contemporary 

issues, Overton directs our gaze to the human influence on the natural world by juxtaposing hyper-realized roses within scenes of environmental concern.


Pictured to the right: The "Blue Dress Series" by Reddawn

Her Ironic World

Heavy Surf Diptych, 40x30 total.jpg

Exhibit + Artist Info 

Her Ironic World will open on Friday, March 4 and will remain on display through Friday, March 25. There will be an opening reception on Friday, March 4 from 6pm to 8pm. Students from Calvino Studios will be playing background piano music at the reception.

Holly Overton is from Nags Head, now living and working in New York City. She has a BFA from Parsons School of Design and followed her undergrad with a decade of composing, recording and performing music. She is currently developing her studio practice in oil painting and short film, informed by her research into the environment, climate change, existential philosophy and the role of the artist as a position of service to society.

Reddawn is an Outer Banks artist who experiences painting as therapy and an escapism, which has fostered a self-sustaining career as a painter for 10 years. She does what she loves to be a role model for her daughter to realize her dreams, and is excited to team up with two other strong female painters to inspire others to run with their vision. 2020 and the judgment of every angle of the human population has spurred her new body of work, the Blue Dress series.


Jasmin Miller is a 26 year old portrait artist and multi-racial mother of two. She was born and raised in Manteo, NC and studied fine arts at UNC Greensboro. Her charcoal and conte portraits show a wide range of emotion and thrive on the aspiration of achieving realism. Like a visual autobiography, her series The First Decade was made over a period of time when she experienced the complexities of mental health and their external causes being overlooked by society.

Pictured to the left: "Heavy Surf" Diptych by Holly Overton. 

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