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Honoring Russell Yerkes II

May 23, 1955 ~ May 19, 2021


Known for his colorful, detailed, brilliant watercolor paintings, Russell Yerkes’ talent was immeasurable. After studying Art History at Mansfield State College, Russell continued to pursue his lifelong love of drawing and painting and became an internationally recognized, award-winning artist.


Russell earned signature recognition with the American Watercolor Society and the Midwest Watercolor Society, and was a very active member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society where he served multiple terms as president. Russell's involvement in the North Carolina art community leaves behind a legacy of stewardship. He was passionate about art, teaching and mentoring, and was integral in the development of Art Education in North Carolina Public Schools. 


A regular at numerous east coast art shows, Russell left a lasting impression on all of his peers. Not only were his watercolors absolutely remarkable, but Russell was also incredibly humble and kind. His energy, enthusiasm and zest were contagious, making him a pure joy to be around. 


Outside of the artistic community, Russell was a family man. He was immensely proud of his sons, best friends with his wife Brenda, and always eager to share stories about his family. Dare County Arts Council is working with Russell’s family to reschedule his exhibition “Finding My Way” to a later date in 2022. 


Thank you, Russell, for making the world a more beautiful place.

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