Natural Whimsy

In September, our Vault Gallery will feature a variety of media by Valerie Johnson and Jan Southard.

The month-long exhibit represents Val’s and Jan’s view of the natural world. They don’t always see things as they are, but as they might be while wearing rose colored glasses.


Val and Jan have fun with what they do and their sense of humor often shows through in their art.


They have been friends for a long time and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company, sharing ideas and inspiring one another, resulting in whimsical pieces and collaborations.

Val Johnson & Jan Southard Exhibit

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Exhibit Dates + Artist Info

The show will be on display in our Vault Gallery September 3 through September 25, 2021.


As a former “Army brat” and military wife, Valerie has moved from place to place most of her life, but is now settled in Smithfield, Virginia. Since an early age Valerie has always been involved in artistic endeavors. The experiences she has had from frequently moving with all the entailed changes of environment, people, and ideas have coalesced and found their expression in the variety of media in which she has worked. Felting is Valerie’s current focus because it allows her to immerse herself in a medium that encompasses sculpture, painting, art, craft, costuming, and whimsy. She likes the challenge of working in different mediums and incorporating new ideas and concepts into her art. 

Jan says, "I have always been fascinated by details. Whether I work in metal, wool, paint or porcelain my greatest pleasure is the process and attention to detail. I believe that the feelings I have while working on a piece are reflected in the finished work and will speak to an observer. Because I am interested in just about everything my work is full of variety. I never get bored and hope to stimulate interest in the things I love."