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Susannah Sakal Exhibit

The Energy That Creates Worlds

In October, our Vault Gallery will feature mixed media by Susannah Sakal. The month-long exhibit will showcase Susannah's use of resin, wood, sand, and acrylic paint to create endless shapes and forms that living water takes on.

Susannah says, "As I work with the creative inspiration of this elemental energy, I feel compelled to give voice to a story that wants to be told."

Beach resin square 1 for Frank Stick.jpg
resin wave square.jpg

Show Dates + Artist Info

The Energy That Creates Worlds will be on display October 1-30, 2021.

"It is during the process of creating Art where I become engaged, connected and inspired. I  experiment endlessly to manifest the vision I hold in my mind. It is infinitely gratifying to be a participant in this transformation of energy from the imagined to the visible. As the two begin to emerge I become one with the process of creation.


My work with resin has challenged me as an artist to give up control over the results and work more in the realm of the unexpected. It is often futile to try to recreate a certain pattern that wanted to emerge from its own accord. Creating in this realm of the unexpected just inspires me to keep pushing the boundaries of what might emerge." - Susannah Sakal

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