Rick Daley Exhibit

Eccentric Nonsense

In April, our Courtroom Gallery will feature large paintings by Rick Daley.

During the 2020 quarantine, Rick took advantage of the time at home and painted every day. His exhibition has an Outer Banks theme, with a twist of Rick's subjects of interest in ironic or iconic settings.


Rick's paintings have a distinct whimsical style and are rich with color. All of the paintings in this exhibit are on large pieces of canvas that Rick cut from drop-cloths and painted with latex house paint. 


Exhibit + Artist Info 

Eccentric Nonsense will open on Friday, April 2 and will remain on display through Saturday, April 24.

Rick considers himself an adventurist in life and being an artist is a strong part of his personality.


"When I start, I attempt to produce a photograph-like image with a couple of colors. As I progress, color changes will resemble shading to me, I’ll choose a light source and adjust the dominant color. I will love the painting at that point and will put on my glasses to see that the ‘photo-like image’ is anything but. I now get my bearings and work back into the dominant color. Then I develop a rare color and where to best use it. I work the painting until I love the colors again without the glasses and take them off to complete with bold strokes. I check with the glasses on/glasses off and send to finish."