Latrell Broughton Exhibit

Worlds Near And Far

In June, our Courtroom Gallery will feature the first solo exhibition of visual artist Latrell Broughton titled Worlds Near And Far.

This exhibition will showcase images of the artist's vibrant portraits and landscape photography taken from around the world, as well as his signature animated speculative portraits that come to life through augmented reality apps.

Through this dynamic work, Broughton encourages his audience to re-evaluate their relationship with the world, specifically how our perceptions of self may change based on where we are in the universe, where our borders are and how we may dream up a world beyond them, and who we would allow ourselves to be if we were free of gravity. 

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Show Dates + Artist Info

Worlds Near And Far will be on display June 4-26, 2021.

Latrell Broughton is an artist and academic with a global perspective. A recent graduate of the Black Studies program at Amherst College, he uses photography to interrogate peoples’ subjective relationships with geography.


Through spectacular landscapes, and portraits synthesized with collage, animation, and 3D modeling, he encourages his audience to appreciate the wonder of the world and our limitless potential within it.