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Kathleen Redman Pottery Exhibit

Raised In Clay

In July, our Vault Gallery will feature pottery by Kathleen Redman. The month-long exhibit will showcase both functional and decorative pottery and sculpture that is inspired by nature and the colors of the sea and sky. 

Kathleen focuses mainly on slab building, but also incorporate thrown and sculpted elements. She uses different decorating techniques, carving, slip trailing, stains, wax resist and glazes applied in layers, to get the effect she is looking for. Kathleen loves to decorate with organic shapes and patterns, such as leaves, flowers, and swirls and uses a lot of blue, green and turquoise glazes.


Show Dates + Artist Info

Raised In Clay will be on display July 2-31, 2021.

"I have been surrounded by pottery my whole life. My mom likes to say that I was “raised in clay.” I grew up playing and working in her studio and going to countless art and craft shows. After college, I started working for my mom full time and became more serious about learning and developing my own skills. I moved to Manteo in 2010 and set up my home studio to begin expanding our business to the Outer Banks. My mom and I still get together often to collaborate, share ideas and attend shows." - Kathleen Redman

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