Jill Block Exhibit

Symphony of Color

In May, our Vault Gallery will feature Jill Block's painting exhibit Symphony of Color.

Jill's large scale abstract paintings are acrylic on canvas, typically showcase tons of color, and are open to interpretation. 

The collection in this exhibition is inspired by the color of music. Jill always paints with music in the background and to her, art is music in color. When painting, she closes her eyes and the notes and sounds fill her soul with inspiration.


Show Dates + Artist Info

Symphony of Color will be on display May 7 - May 29, 2021.

​"As I paint, the brush becomes my baton as if it were directing the orchestra in acrylics on canvas. Each brush stroke is a contender in the already established musical masterpiece, keeping pace with its tempo. I hope this collection inspires and moves you in your soul." - Jill Block 

Jill is a native of the Outer Banks, and learned to love art at a very young age. She is a self taught abstract artist that paints in the moment. 


Her work is influenced and inspired by artists such as Willem De Kooning, Henri Matisse, Picasso and Helen Frankenthaler.