A Nod to The Beauty of Nature Exhibit 

In November, Manteo floral designer Nancy Harvey will be exhibiting a series of mannequins that will express the love of nature in our Vault Gallery.

Nancy takes her inspiration for this exhibit from the Roman Gods Flora and Fauna, said to favor or nurture all living creatures.

Each mannequin will have a design theme that relates to Flora and Fauna, including the four seasons, daytime, nighttime, and the ocean. The mannequins will be dressed in fabrics and florals to create a whimsical and elegant nod to nature. The florals will be a combination of fresh, dried and other design elements. 

Ornaments will also coordinate with each expression that will be available for sale.

Flora and Fauna 


Exhibit Dates + Artist Info

Flora and Fauna will be on display in our Vault Gallery November 5-27, 2021. There will be an opening reception on Friday, November 5 from 6pm to 8pm.

The exhibit will be curated by designer Nancy Harvey who owns Holiday House Weddings and Events. Nancy creates unique designs for weddings and events and specializes in florals.

"I believe the most beautiful creative expression comes from nature in the form of a flower, a feather, a branch, or a leaf. Over the centuries nature has perfected this beauty and we as artists and designers use that beauty in the form of design for clothing and jewelry, to enhance ourselves. That is why flowers are used in so many ceremonies throughout the world. They are expressions of love and beauty."- Nancy Harvey