Dion Burroughs Exhibit

Walking Through My Creative World

In April, our Vault Gallery will feature Dion Burroughs' paintings in his exhibit titled Walking Through My Creative World.

Dion Burroughs has a very distinct style. He works within the genre of folk art and incorporates bold shapes and colors to represent interpersonal relationships, social gatherings, spirituality, and a connection to his African American heritage. 

The exhibit will take viewers through Dion's African Heritage and his colorful brown pelicans, owls, pencil portraits, realistic portraits and much more. 

"The show is like reading the first chapter in my Art Book, that has no ending to my creativity," says Dion.

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Show Dates + Artist Info

Walking Through My Creative World will open on Friday, April 2 and will remain on display through Saturday, April 30.

Born and raised in Martin County, Dion Burroughs began drawing and painting at the age of fifteen. Burroughs has displayed his work in nearly 31 solo exhibitions and many juried and invitational art exhibits in neighboring counties, earning first place awards for some of his work. 

"My art is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It is the process by which I choose to explore many different styles of art even experimenting at creating those styles of art. My favorite styles and subject are: Religious Art, Black Art, Fine Art, and Traditional or Folk Art. I am intrigued by my ancestral roots of freedom and what has been internally deemed worthy of remembering."