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Carol Meese Exhibit


In September, our Vault Gallery will feature organic, abstract textile paintings by Carol Meese. The month-long exhibit will be an ode to the ravished, using recycled and destroyed textiles to create soft "paintings" with natural dyes made from roots, bark and plants along with stitching.

Working with recycled textiles and eco-dyeing techniques, Carol has developed a body of work that is both organic and ephemeral. 

Hanging threads, remnants of former life of fabrics, exposed seams and construction, fading natural dyes and mark making celebrate imperfection. The pieces are minimal statements left as if they are unfinished to allow the viewer to complete them. These soft paintings will reflect time as they respond to their environment and change over the years. They are not intended to last forever, but to show the effects of time, decay, rebirth, and the cycle of nature.

Carol Meese 2.jpg
Carol Meese 3.jpg

Show Dates + Artist Info

Tatters will be on display in the Vault Gallery September 1-30, 2023.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, September 1 from 6pm to 8pm, where visitors can meet Carol and view her work.


The opening reception is during downtown Manteo's First Friday festivities, and is free and open to the public.

"I care about nature and the planet. The environment and waste are critical issues in the 21st century. With these issues in mind my art practice has minimal impact on the environment by using existing materials, recycling clothing and textiles, using natural dyes, and hardware finds. Hanging canvases eliminates storage issues in a world with too much stuff. Earth based materials and the aesthetics of simplicity are in contrast to the technical, digital, internet, busy and noisy world of today. The world is too chaotic, noisy, wasteful, violent. I want to create calm, minimal, work that is quiet, thoughtful, and uses resources that already exist." - Carol Meese

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