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Awaiting Further Transformation

Featuring work by Suzanne Scott Constantine & Lynne Scott Constantine

In August and September, our Courtroom Gallery will feature mixed media by Suzanne Scott Constantine and Lynne Scott Constantine. 

Following more than a year of Covid-induced isolation, mortal fear, grievous loss, and economic disaster, coupled with a long-overdue societal reckoning with racial injustice, many voices assert that we, as a society, must certainly have been “transformed.” Many of us sincerely believe we will never be the same again. But what does that mean? What exactly does this transformation consist of?


Through the 30 works of art that form the exhibition, and the eight voices that combine to create the 45-minute opening performance, Awaiting Further Transformation explores the emotional, psychological, and metaphorical dimensions in which transformation is conceived, talked about, experienced, and brought to fruition.


To expand our inquiry, the exhibition’s interactive component invites community members to submit their thoughts, questions, fears, and hopes, in full knowledge that the work of transformation often happens after the transformative experience ends.

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Show Dates + Reception + Artist Info

Awaiting Further Transformation will be on display August 5 through September 17, 2022 in our Courtroom Gallery.

On Friday, September 2 from 6pm to 8pm, Suzanne Scott Constantine and Lynne Scott Constantine will be upstairs in our Courtroom Gallery hosting an artist meet and greet for their mixed media exhibition. 


There was an opening night Awaiting Further Transformation performance on Friday, August 5 at 5:30pm. Lynne and Suzanne created Awaiting Further Transformation: A Performance for Eight Voices collaboratively with the six Outer Banks poets, performers, storytellers, and musicians listed below:

  • Suzanne Blackstock, flutist, teacher, band director

  • Emma Bland, storyteller, spiritual advisor, creator  

  • Lynne Francis, artist, poet, Dare Arts gallery director 

  • Linda L. Lauby, artist, writer, publisher 

  • Mary Ann Remer, mixed media artist, printmaker, writer 

  • Eve Turek, photographer, speaker, writer  

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